Wedding Cakes

We specialise in wedding cakes, as you can see from the range and volume of cakes we have made previously. The following galleries contain pictures of most of our cakes, but our more comprehensive portfolios are available to view by appointment on site. Please call to book your free consultation.

Each of our cake galleries can be viewed as a slide show just click on a thumbnail and it will display a larger image and if you hover of the picture, on the right hand upper corner there is a next button, which will take you straight to the next larger image and so on and you can also go back through the slideshow too.

There is now a search feature in the picture galleries so you can type in a search e.g. round wedding cakes, all round wedding cakes should be listed for viewing.



How to order a wedding cake


To buy or order your wedding cake:

  1. Browse through our cake galleries for styles, designs, ideas that appeal to you.
  2. Make a note of any specific cakes that you want a quote for.
  3. Read through our faqs, blog, price guide, portion guide, about us etc for advice in making the best choice for you, or post a question in the forum if you wish.
  4. Then either:
    • Phone to book a consultation to discuss your requirements and obtain an accurate and specific quote for the cake exactly as you want it; OR
    • Phone for a quote on a specific cake, be ready with your name, venue, date of wedding, ref number on the cake, and the sizes/portions required, as well as any personalisations required; OR
    • Phone for a generic quote - these are much harder for us, if you can supply as much information as possible e.g. size, flavours, shapes,styles, design, specific finishes etc then we can provide a realistic quote. Remember the less information you supply, the less we understand what you want and can provide a realistic quote; OR
    • Complete the order/enquiry form for email quote OR
    • Complete the contact form for generic contact or quote request AND/OR
    • Come to see us (free consultation) and book your cake (if you are happy to do so) or book over the phone.
  5. Book samples (these can be booked for the consultation or subsequently).They are free once the deposit is paid.
  6. We will then schedule your cake into our work programme.
  7. The cake will be baked, decorated and finished according to your requirements prior to the wedding day.
  8. We will send an email photo of the finished cake the day before and we will personally deliver and set up the cake at your venue.

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